Alaska King Salmon Fishing

The King Salmon is correctly referred to as Chinook, but others call it Tyee, Chub, Hook Bill (for males), Winter Salmon, and Blackmouth. It is an anadromous fish, meaning it makes regular migrations whether daily or annual with distance ranging from several meters to a thousand. The king salmon typically have blue green hue with silvery sides. From juvenile and entering the ocean habitat it changes hues, first from dark blotched green then to dark blue green. But how did the King Salmon earned the name,  King?

While typically averaging 10 to 50 pounds, some King Salmon could very well exceed 100 pounds. The first world record for the King Salmon was 126 pounds, a commercial catch near Petersburg Alaska. A more subsequent effort was made by Mr. Lester Anderson, and he caught a 97 pounds King Salmon over at Kenai River in 1985. Immediately after that event, thousands of anglers, pros and regulars now clamored up on boat expeditions and charters bound to Alaska’s fishing grounds to try their luck and mettle on landing a 100 pounder King.

King Salmon deserved to be called The King; it doesn’t easily. As soon as it senses the line it won’t give slack. At most it will try to circle or even go berserk often seizing the rod away from astonished anglers who thought they can manhandle the King.

King Salmons are fiery combatants, so managing the lines could make the biggest difference in taking down the King. Taking the best gear and knowing the best techniques in landing down the King Salmon always ensures a successful fishing. And of course, Alaska is still the best place for any King Salmon fishing, guarantees always a rewarding trip.


So where to you start for your Alaska King Salmon fishing? I suggest heading out to the Waterfall Resort. There they hold the Annual $100,000 King of Kings Salmon Tournament. You might join in this tournament if you are interested in Alaska King Salmon fishing. Most pros head here just to take part on the annual competition. This competition however is only available to guests of the resort.

There are also other venues where you can get a healthy Alaska king salmon fishing atmosphere. Like at the Alaska Rainbow Lodge at Bristol Bay. Its one of the premier fishing lodges in Alaska and it doesn’t take you far away to those fishing grounds you seek. Or if you wish you can directly book at the riverside cabins along the Kenai River at Sterling. Now that is personalized Alaska King Salmon fishing adventure, with the fishing grounds right at your doorstep.