Best Automatic Pet Feeder For Wet Food

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Are you finding the best automatic pet feeder for wet food? Then, keep eye-on my article to get more information. Read now!

When you take care of your pets, feeding them is very important. You need to choose a good combo of food types as well as schedule a suitable time. This work is not too complicated if you stay at home. However, when you have a long trip, feeding your pets will become difficult.

Nowadays, some automatic pet feeder for wet food has been popular because it can help you to feed your pets, even when you are going on a long trip. Well, to provide your pets with a good meal, you should choose the right automatic pet feeder.

So, today, my article will recommend five best automatic pet feeder for wet food. Now, let’s see what they are!


Some features of the automatic pet feeder for wet food


1. Build quality

An excellent automatic pet feeder has to be sturdy. So, if your pet is highly motivated, you still rest assured that it can not break into the feeder and steal the food before time.

Also, an automatic pet feeder has to include a tight locking mechanism that keeps the wet food fresh for a long time.


2. Feeding times

Feeding times is also one of the essential elements you need to consider when buying an automatic pet feeder. A suitable device has to enable you to schedule your times flexibly.

For example, if you want to set up the time for your pet at 8:00 AM, then 2:00 PM, and 8:00 PM, the device has to allow to do this.

This feature is vital because some pet food feeder comes with predetermined feeding times. Therefore, you can not change the time following your desire.


3. Battery life

As far as I know, automatic pet feeders that come with a backup battery option is better than others using electricity to run. This is because, in some cases, power can go off for some reason; however, the automatic pet feeder for wet food can switch automatically to use the batteries without missing the programmed schedule.

Well, if there is no battery backup option in the feeder, your pets can miss their meal until the power is back. It will be torture for your pet if the electricity cut out for more than a day.

Also, you need to check for the battery life of the automatic pet feeder if you use the device using batteries.


4. Size of bowl

When you choose an automatic pet feeder, you should consider the size of the bowl as well as the quantity of food your pet use. Also, you need to choose the automatic pet feeder that ensures to provide enough food for your pet.

Most of the automatic pet feeders for wet food has a bowl size of 1 cup per meal; meanwhile, others can hold up to 1.5 cups per meal. The choice of the bowl size depends on what you are trying to achieve with your cat.


5 Best automatic pet feeder for wet food


1. Pawise automatic pet feeder

This Pawise automatic pet feeder allows you to set up two meals per time within 48 hours. Moreover, the device comes with a timer that has no clock but a countdown timer for the next meal.

Each compartment in the device can hold 300ml of food. This means it allows us to put a total of 600 ml of food. So, it will be suitable for the small-medium sized pet to feed.

Also, you do not have to care about the quality of the food held in the device because it has a built-in ice pack. However, to keep the food better, you should freeze the food before putting it into the compartments. In addition, the high temperature can also decrease the quality of the food, so you should place the feeder in a cool place.

Another feature that makes me love to use this automatic pet feeder is that it comes with a safe dishwasher. Therefore, you can rest assured that your pets will eat on a clean bowl. Mainly, it is very sturdy, so your pets can not break into it or steal food easily.

The feeder has only the downside is that you have to use AA battery for each tray. And, there are no warning signals when the battery runs out. Therefore, you need to follow its battery status to change it timely.


2. Mate c20 2 bowl pet feeder with ice pack

If you want to separately feed your two cats without spending on a feeder for each of them, mate c20 2 bowl pet feeder with ice pack is the right choice for you.

This automatic pet feeder has two compartments and allows you to hold1 pound of food in each one. So, it can hold a total of 2 pounds of food, which is enough for any pets.

Besides, this pet feeder has one inbuilt ice pack that helps to keep the food in the compartment fresh for 36 hours. Also, if the food was frozen before, you can keep it for 48 hours. You can also purchase extra ice packs if need.

Besides, external weather can damage the food in the device. So, if you place the device in a cool place, the food might be better.

The device has a countdown-timer that will open each of the lids at the required times. You also need to worry that your pets can break in and steal the food.


3. Mate c50 automatic pet feeder

The next automatic pet feeder I want to mention is Mate c50. The device is effortless to use and set up.

Mate c50 automatic pet feeder includes five individual feeding compartments that can hold wet or semi-wet pet food. It also comes with 2 ice packs so that the food will stay better.

This device has a Quartz timer that allows you to feed your pet on a regular time. Well, you can set up a feeding schedule for multiple days with up to 5 times per day. This is convenient if you have a few day trips or work most of the time.

The greatest thing about the device is that it comes with a 10-second voice recording message. Therefore, your pet can hear your voice even when you are far from them. And this makes them more comfortable. Also, mate c50 automatic pet feeder includes a flexible standby mode. If there is no operation for 25 seconds, it will automatically set to “standby.” This enables you to save money on electricity or batteries.


4. Ancaixin automatic pet feeder

This Ancaixin automatic pet feeder will be another choice if you are looking for the best automatic pet feeder for wet food.

By using this device, you can set up the quantity of the food and the time you want. The device comes with six compartments so that you can schedule up to six meals per day. It also allows holding semi-moist, dry, or some kinds of medications and treats.

Besides, the food tray of the device is easy to move and clean because of its dishwasher safe. The feeder also has a control button in the middle that is covered with a lid. This will not allow your pet to open the feeder by accident. Moreover, this timed cat feeder can help your pet lose weight.

A downside of Ancaixin automatic pet feeder is that it does not include the batteries so that you have to buy them by yourself. The device uses 3 AA-batteries and has a small battery status on the screen. Thus, you can know when you should recharge the battery.


5. Petsafe 5-meal pet feeder

The final automatic pet feeder for wet food on my list is the pet safe 5-meal pet feeder. This pet-safe 5-meal pet feeder is one of the most favorite brands all over the world.

The device includes five compartments that allow holding one cup of food in each. This pet-safe 5-meal pet feeder works only when the whole slots are filled with food, and time is set for all five feeding times. With many niches, you can set up both wet and dry food for your pets. This allows your pet to have a balanced diet. To use the device, you need to buy 4 D-cell batteries by yourself because the pet safe 5-meal pet feeder does not come with the batteries.

Also, the device does not have an inbuilt ice pack, so that you have to check your pet’s food regularly. However, you can place an ice cube into the compartment to keep the food better.


If you are finding the best automatic pet feeder for wet food, you need to pay attention to what you are looking for. Also, you should spend some time doing some research about the feeder.

In addition, it is also very significant to define your pet’s weight. For example, some sizeable automatic feeder will be suitable for the massive pet; meanwhile, with some tiny pets, you only need to use the small feeder.