Best Automatic Pet Feeder For Wet Food

automatic pet feeders

Are you finding the best automatic pet feeder for wet food? Then, keep eye-on my article to get more information. Read now!

When you take care of your pets, feeding them is very important. You need to choose a good combo of food types as well as schedule a suitable time. This work is not too complicated if you stay at home. However, when you have a long trip, feeding your pets will become difficult.

Nowadays, some automatic pet feeder for wet food has been popular because it can help you to feed your pets, even when you are going on a long trip. Well, to provide your pets with a good meal, you should choose the right automatic pet feeder.

So, today, my article will recommend five best automatic pet feeder for wet food. Now, let’s see what they are!


Some features of the automatic pet feeder for wet food


1. Build quality

An excellent automatic pet feeder has to be sturdy. So, if your pet is highly motivated, you still rest assured that it can not break into the feeder and steal the food before time.

Also, an automatic pet feeder has to include a tight locking mechanism that keeps the wet food fresh for a long time.


2. Feeding times

Feeding times is also one of the essential elements you need to consider when buying an automatic pet feeder. A suitable device has to enable you to schedule your times flexibly.

For example, if you want to set up the time for your pet at 8:00 AM, then 2:00 PM, and 8:00 PM, the device has to allow to do this.

This feature is vital because some pet food feeder comes with predetermined feeding times. Therefore, you can not change the time following your desire.


3. Battery life

As far as I know, automatic pet feeders that come with a backup battery option is better than others using electricity to run. This is because, in some cases, power can go off for some reason; however, the automatic pet feeder for wet food can switch automatically to use the batteries without missing the programmed schedule.

Well, if there is no battery backup option in the feeder, your pets can miss their meal until the power is back. It will be torture for your pet if the electricity cut out for more than a day.

Also, you need to check for the battery life of the automatic pet feeder if you use the device using batteries.


4. Size of bowl

When you choose an automatic pet feeder, you should consider the size of the bowl as well as the quantity of food your pet use. Also, you need to choose the automatic pet feeder that ensures to provide enough food for your pet.

Most of the automatic pet feeders for wet food has a bowl size of 1 cup per meal; meanwhile, others can hold up to 1.5 cups per meal. The choice of the bowl size depends on what you are trying to achieve with your cat.


5 Best automatic pet feeder for wet food


1. Pawise automatic pet feeder

This Pawise automatic pet feeder allows you to set up two meals per time within 48 hours. Moreover, the device comes with a timer that has no clock but a countdown timer for the next meal.

Each compartment in the device can hold 300ml of food. This means it allows us to put a total of 600 ml of food. So, it will be suitable for the small-medium sized pet to feed.

Also, you do not have to care about the quality of the food held in the device because it has a built-in ice pack. However, to keep the food better, you should freeze the food before putting it into the compartments. In addition, the high temperature can also decrease the quality of the food, so you should place the feeder in a cool place.

Another feature that makes me love to use this automatic pet feeder is that it comes with a safe dishwasher. Therefore, you can rest assured that your pets will eat on a clean bowl. Mainly, it is very sturdy, so your pets can not break into it or steal food easily.

The feeder has only the downside is that you have to use AA battery for each tray. And, there are no warning signals when the battery runs out. Therefore, you need to follow its battery status to change it timely.


2. Mate c20 2 bowl pet feeder with ice pack

If you want to separately feed your two cats without spending on a feeder for each of them, mate c20 2 bowl pet feeder with ice pack is the right choice for you.

This automatic pet feeder has two compartments and allows you to hold1 pound of food in each one. So, it can hold a total of 2 pounds of food, which is enough for any pets.

Besides, this pet feeder has one inbuilt ice pack that helps to keep the food in the compartment fresh for 36 hours. Also, if the food was frozen before, you can keep it for 48 hours. You can also purchase extra ice packs if need.

Besides, external weather can damage the food in the device. So, if you place the device in a cool place, the food might be better.

The device has a countdown-timer that will open each of the lids at the required times. You also need to worry that your pets can break in and steal the food.


3. Mate c50 automatic pet feeder

The next automatic pet feeder I want to mention is Mate c50. The device is effortless to use and set up.

Mate c50 automatic pet feeder includes five individual feeding compartments that can hold wet or semi-wet pet food. It also comes with 2 ice packs so that the food will stay better.

This device has a Quartz timer that allows you to feed your pet on a regular time. Well, you can set up a feeding schedule for multiple days with up to 5 times per day. This is convenient if you have a few day trips or work most of the time.

The greatest thing about the device is that it comes with a 10-second voice recording message. Therefore, your pet can hear your voice even when you are far from them. And this makes them more comfortable. Also, mate c50 automatic pet feeder includes a flexible standby mode. If there is no operation for 25 seconds, it will automatically set to “standby.” This enables you to save money on electricity or batteries.


4. Ancaixin automatic pet feeder

This Ancaixin automatic pet feeder will be another choice if you are looking for the best automatic pet feeder for wet food.

By using this device, you can set up the quantity of the food and the time you want. The device comes with six compartments so that you can schedule up to six meals per day. It also allows holding semi-moist, dry, or some kinds of medications and treats.

Besides, the food tray of the device is easy to move and clean because of its dishwasher safe. The feeder also has a control button in the middle that is covered with a lid. This will not allow your pet to open the feeder by accident. Moreover, this timed cat feeder can help your pet lose weight.

A downside of Ancaixin automatic pet feeder is that it does not include the batteries so that you have to buy them by yourself. The device uses 3 AA-batteries and has a small battery status on the screen. Thus, you can know when you should recharge the battery.


5. Petsafe 5-meal pet feeder

The final automatic pet feeder for wet food on my list is the pet safe 5-meal pet feeder. This pet-safe 5-meal pet feeder is one of the most favorite brands all over the world.

The device includes five compartments that allow holding one cup of food in each. This pet-safe 5-meal pet feeder works only when the whole slots are filled with food, and time is set for all five feeding times. With many niches, you can set up both wet and dry food for your pets. This allows your pet to have a balanced diet. To use the device, you need to buy 4 D-cell batteries by yourself because the pet safe 5-meal pet feeder does not come with the batteries.

Also, the device does not have an inbuilt ice pack, so that you have to check your pet’s food regularly. However, you can place an ice cube into the compartment to keep the food better.


If you are finding the best automatic pet feeder for wet food, you need to pay attention to what you are looking for. Also, you should spend some time doing some research about the feeder.

In addition, it is also very significant to define your pet’s weight. For example, some sizeable automatic feeder will be suitable for the massive pet; meanwhile, with some tiny pets, you only need to use the small feeder.

SEBO Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner

Nowadays, there are so many choices when it comes to the best vacuum cleaners. The Sebo Felix Wild Epower has become a great buy for carpeted homes because of its funky looks and excellent pet hair busting vacuuming performance.

Also, this is a good option for stairs. To help you understand more about this product, we’re here. In this post, we will list all the reviews of the SEBO Felix Wild Epower Vacuum Cleaner you should know.

Pros and Cons



  • No great for hard floor
  • Consumable costs in its filters and bags

Key Specifications

  • 700W motor
  • 11m cleaning range
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Removeable floorhead
  • Variable suction power
  • Two tools
  • Five-year guarantee
  • Floorhead height adjustment
  • Review Price: £289.90

What you need to know about the Sebo Felix Wild Epower

General vacuuming

You can steer this vacuum cleaner with ease since it is lighter than it is. Also, it is known for its removable body. Therefore, it’s easy to clean for stairs.

Carpet test

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with plenty of suction as well as the height-adjustable beater bar. Therefore, you can get excellent carpet cleaning right up to the edge.

Pet hair pick-up

This machine sucked up pet fur like a boss. Sure, you won’t see any straggler who was left behind. It’s easy to clean carpets and your dog’s bed.

The Sebo Felix Wild Epower is a pleasure to use

This vacuum cleaner has a groovy leopard-print look. It’s easy to maneuver and assemble. The thing you need to do is just pop the main cleaner into the floorhead. Then, attach the hose for going.

Because of plenty of power on this vacuum cleaner, it can operate well across a variety of carpets. It comes with a crevice nozzle. This feature is ideal for awkward high cobwebs as well as hard-to-reach areas.

It has a slightly odd asymmetrical shape of the floorhead. Also, there is a single brush bar. Moreover, the device includes a four-position brush-height adjuster that helps to avoid being too high off the carpet pile.

The Sebo Felix Wild is easy to adjust although it’s a little loud

Because this model comes with a powerful motor and aggressive brush bar, so it’s not silent when cleaning. This vacuum cleaner allows you to adjust the handle height. It’s easy to store it thanks to wrapping the nicely long 9-metre cable around.

The Sebo Felix Wild has a bag to keep dust out of the air

When it comes to consumable costs, there are replacing Sebo’s well-made and effective dust bag. Because of the bags’ green sealing caps, there won’t be a cloud of dust when you need to empty the bin. This is a warning for those who are suffering from allergies.

This device has a combination of the bag along with a motor filter beneath the bag. Also, there is the exhaust filter. You can replace them then wash them. It’s essential to change the motor filter every 20 full bags.

It’s also possible to change the leopard-print pattern to something different such as the Felix Heart patterns or the Felix White Oriental.

The Sebo Fresh air fresheners come with a nice touch. You just need to pop one into the filter bag. Then, you can receive a lovely scent of oranges that fills the room. In order to get a little more versatility, Sebo delivers a wide range of hoses, optional heads, and tubes.

How well does the machine clean carpets?

It has the tilt and pivot neck that moves freely, so it’s simple to steer on hard floors and carpets. It’s known for its very strong suction power and an effective height-adjustable brush bar. That’s why it works perfectly on carpets from nylon tiles to plush bedroom shagpile.

How well does the machine cope with pet hair?

This model is able to pull out even the deepest fur in the fibers of the carpets. Thanks to its upholstery tool, it is able to effectively grab pet hairs from the pet beds or the sofa as long as you use it on the flexible hose. This tool is great for decreasing suction on loose fabric covers.

How well does the machine cope with Stairs?

In terms of stairs, it may be a challenge because of the shape and overall weight of the SEBO. You can hold it through the carrying handle along the side. Although this device is a good vacuum cleaner for the stair carpets, it seems to be quite heavy on the arm after using it for a couple of minutes.


If you are looking for an excellent carpet cleaning right up to the edge, groovy leopard-print looks, and brilliant pet hair pick-up, come to the Sebo Felix Wild Epower vacuum cleaner. It comes with the freely pivoting neck, so it’s easy to vacuum and clean under sofas as well as steer around obstacles.

The machine runs well on stairs in spite of no extension tube. This device promises to give you a disappointing oat pick-up test on a tiled floor. Furthermore, it offers great cleaning results.

The 5 Best Rabbit Cages 2020

Rabbits are so cute. Therefore, many people keep them in the house. If you decide to house your rabbit, you have to decide which rabbit cage you should choose among a lot of options out there. In this article, we will show you a variety of choices.

As you know, each person has specific needs for their rabbits. Understand that, we’re here today to help you. Now, let’s check out our article to learn about some popular cages we picked out for you.

Top 8 Best Cages for Rabbits Reviews

1. Living World Deluxe Habitat

This cage has been one of the most popular rabbit cages on the market now. It’s equipped with a mesh frame. It also has a plastic bottom. This cage ensures to give your bunny great ventilation.

Another great thing about this cage is a balcony included. Your bunny can use it to hide. Moreover, there is also a hay feeder that allows you to load from the outside. This model is known as one of the best large size ones out there.

You can choose from three sizes from the standard to extra-large sizes. The cage promises to give your pet enough space to run and stretch around. Your pet can also move around the cage with ease.


  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of putting together
  • Spacious
  • Good for litter-trained bunnies


  • The platform is not great for smaller rabbits since it’s a little steep

2. AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat

If you are looking for a safe cage for your bunny, you should consider purchasing this cage. It can help to protect your beloved pet from harmful substances. It comes with doors that allow your pet to access with ease. Also, this feature helps you clean it easily.

Just like the previous model, this cage also comes with a balcony. It includes two parts, so you can set up with ease. You can also choose from standard, large, or jumbo sizes. Plus, the manufacturer will provide you with a limited one-year warranty.


  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of putting together
  • A balcony included
  • A hay guard to avoid spilling of foods


  • The plastic platform may get cracks with ease
  • The too-small food bowl

3. Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

The Midwest comes with 2 large access points. Therefore, you can easily access to clean it. Your bunny can also use the door as a ramp to get in/out. You can assemble this cage with ease. It just takes a 5-second affair without any tool required.

The cage is built with all-metal construction. That’s why this is a durable choice. When it comes to the pros of this cage, we have to mention the floor. The cage comes with a slide-out floor pan. Therefore, you can easily clean it.


  • Ease of cleaning
  • Can be folded if you don’t use it

4. Kennel-Aire ‘’A’’ Frame Bunny House

If you want to get a bunny cage at an affordable price, you should buy it. This cage is equipped with 4 heavy-duty wheels. You only have to carry it around when going upstairs. This is also a sturdy and durable cage you can choose for your bunny.

It promises to give your pet enough space to stretch around. Moreover, it’s built with 2 doors. It means you can access your bunny with ease if you need it. Plus, this one is also a lightweight option out there. Therefore, you can bring it easily for traveling.

It’s also simple to assemble without a manual. Another good point of this unit is the affordable price.


  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of moving around
  • Durable construction
  • Good height


  • Not the biggest on the market
  • May get an issue with the mesh floor over time

5. Ware Manufacturing Home Pet Cage

This bunny cage is built with a wire mesh. Especially, the mesh is covered with chew proof powder, so you haven’t to worry about your bunny snacking on it. It also helps to prevent him from hurting his teeth.

There are also six clips for ease of assembling. Indeed, you can easily set up with ease. There are three sizes to choose from. So, you can easily get the right size for your rabbit. Also, it comes in various colors. Just like the previous model, this one is also lightweight.


  • Ease of setting up and taking apart
  • Great for travel
  • Spacious room to stretch around


  • Comes with only 1 door

6. Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

The cage has a wooden house, so you can let your bunny nest. You can also keep the hose on the end of the cage to get convenience. If you are keeping one or a few rabbits, you can also use the house to separate them.

There is a wide opening running across the whole length. Despite its size, your bunny can move around with ease. You can easily store this cage when you have to move. It’s also easy to set up without the need for a manual.


  • Ease of cleaning
  • Wide size to keep multiple rabbits in one single cage
  • The large door for ease of accessing
  • Has opened in the top


  • Not great for an active rabbit

7. Pawhut Indoor Small Animal Rabbit Cage

This is a wonderful combination of style, beauty, as well as functionality. It is built with sturdy and durable construction. The cage comes with the side door. Therefore, your bunny can use it as a ramp to get in/out with ease. Moreover, it is covered in chew-proof powder.

The cage promises to give your rabbit plenty of space to sit up and stretch around. Another great feature of this case is a platform. Furthermore, the cage is included with wheels, so you can move it around with ease.

You haven’t to worry about the cage hurting your bunny’s feet thanks to a comfortable floor mesh.


  • Ease of accessing
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Comfortable for your bunny


  • The package should be solved with care when transiting

8. Prevue Hendryx Cocoa & Cream Animal Cage

If you are looking for the best ones on wheels, the Prevue Hendryx is highly recommended for you. It’s roomy enough for your bunny to move and stretch around as much as he wants. It also features a durable design.

This option is ideal for smaller rabbits. It comes with two doors available, so your bunny can access it with ease. There is also a deep tray that allows you to keep even two rabbits over a long time.


  • Sturdy design
  • Ease of setting up
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance


  • Not suit for active rabbits since they can’t detach the ramp with ease

Things to Consider When Choosing an Indoor Rabbit Cage

The Size

The size of the cage you are going to choose for your bunny depends on the number of bunnies you want to keep in one cage. In most situations, the larger the rabbit cages, the more comfortable the bunnies. The cage you choose should allow your pet to stretch up to his full height.

Kevin from North Star Rescue share with us his experiences: “If you are looking a cage for adult rabbits, you should choose one with the length of less than 28’’. It’s best to choose one with a length of around 45” for 2 adult rabbits. It’s important to give your rabbit the minimum amount of space so he can rest and move around the cage comfortably.”

The Materials

When it comes to choosing the best bunny cage, we can’t ignore the materials used in making the cage. Most bunny cages are made of metals, wood, as well as chicken wire. Moreover, some models may be also made of plastic or metal materials.

The Budget

This factor is decided by the materials, the size, and if it’s a new or old one. If you want to purchase the luxurious models, you will have to spend more. The fact that the cost doesn’t always reflect on the product quality.

That’s why it’s best to take your time to view the bunny cage before you decide to if to buy. And, if you want to save your money, it’s also a good idea to look for second-hand cages which are easy to clean. For example, you can choose plastic and metal cages in this case.

The Ease of Cleaning

You have to determine the number of openings in the bunny cage. Also, it’s important to account for their sizes. You should choose a cage with more openings since they are easier to clean. We recommend you look for cages that come with removable trays underneath. It’s also a good idea to consider ones with plastic bases. Also, choose one that features easy access to bedding, litter, or food.


If you have a rabbit pet at home, it’s important to give him the right cage. This article offers you a detailed outline of some factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the best bunny cages. Then, you can make a wise decision the next time you purchase. Hopefully, our guide today can help you make your decision wisely in order not to get one that doesn’t work for your case.

How To Choose The Right Dog Grooming Clippers

We can’t deny that every pet owner loves their furry friend. However, they may have to pay much money for regular trips to the groomer. Don’t worry! Today, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to dog grooming clippers.

The thing you need to do is just looking for the right set of tools. Of course, they will help you not only brush but also clip your pup’s fur right from the comfort of your home.It’s easy to purchase one. But, not all owners know how to choose good quality clippers. That’s why we’re here to give you a depth buying guide with top five best clippers on the market today. Let’s check out to discover them!

Why Do You Need Clippers?

Sure, you need a clipper for your dog. In fact, he has a long, curly, and silky coat. That’s why clippers are beneficial. By clipping, you can help him to reduce shedding as well as to keep the coat looking good. Furthermore, it’s also ideal for dogs with smooth, double, and combination coats.

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Clippers

It’s a mistake when you choose to trim your dog’s coat by human hair clippers. With expert opinions, Catherine Bono from Crittersitca has said that there is a difference between your dog’s fur and human hair. You can choose the right one for your fur friend depending on the breed. There are some points you need to look at when choosing dog clippers.

Comb Guides

It’s best to choose one coming with comb guides. Thanks to them, you can easily trim your pup’s hair to the specific length. Especially, it’s essential for those who are afraid of cutting too much hair. In fact, not all clippers coming with comb guides. Then, you need to buy them separately.

Blade Material

You should choose one with a blade made out of carbon steel. This material is actually durable and corrosion-resistant. So, it’s considered a good choice for dog grooming clippers. In addition, you can also choose stainless steel for your tight budget.

Blade Sharpening

We recommend you to look for one with self-sharpening blades. You won’t worry about clipping with dull blades. This is a good model for you. If your dog owns a thick or long coat, it’s essential to look for a blade with a very sharp edge.

Corded or Cordless Operation

Depend on your preference, you can choose a corded or cordless clipper. In fact, if you are looking for a more powerful model, choose corded models. But, your dog may be near an outlet when using this unit. With a cordless clipper, you can cut anywhere and anytime. But, the mater you may have to face is running out of battery power. Choosing the better fit for you is up to you.

Safety Features

Make sure you choose a clipper with safety features. They help to cut your dog’s fur without cutting his skin.

Noise and Speed

This is not the most important factor. But, you should still look at the clipper’s noise level as well as speed options. The fact is that your dog may be frightened because of a noisy clipper. So, it’s best to buy a quiet motor. Normally, a good clipper comes with two-speed options for dogs with thick coats.

Top 5 Best Dog Grooming Clippers

Wahl Pet-Pro Grooming Clipper Kit

This product comes with all the essential things for clipping your pup’s coat. They have carbon steel blades. That’s why these blades stay sharper for longer. Especially, they offer 30% more power, especially for dogs with thick coats. The motor ensures to cut through thick coats while it doesn’t hurt your dog. Plus, it comes with the grip design. So, you can easily cut at different angles. In addition, the product comes with color guide combs, scissors, an instructional DVD, oil for the blade, cleaning brush, styling comb, blade guard, as well as a hard storage case.

Oster A5 Turbo

The product is a corded clipper. It’s suitable for most animals such as livestock, horses, dogs, and cats. It offers two speeds. So, it’s ideal for coats of all thickness levels and lengths. Also, it has the brand’s detachable blade system. So, you can easily change blades if necessary. In addition to the clippers, the unit also includes blade oil, replacement carbon brushes, clipper grease, and a #10 blade.

Andis 2-Speed Clipper

If you are looking for a powerful motor, Andis 2-Speed Clipper is for you. It can be able to work quickly even for the thickest of coats. It comes with two cutting speeds for both general grooming and thick coats cutting. Especially, it ensures to keep noise to a minimum. The blades allow you to detach. So, it’s easy to clean and change. The model comes with a #10 blade. So, you can choose it for most grooming needs.

Sminiker Rechargeable Cordless Dog Clippers

The clipper helps to clip your dog’s fur comfortably. It comes with every essential thing to groom your dog from the comfort of home. It allows you to use 5-6 hours before you have to charge it. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to charge it. The product offers a titanium blade for maximum durability. Also, it can protect your dog from coming in contact with the blades. Especially, it has a low-vibration motor, so it won’t frighten your fur friend. Plus, it has four comb guides, charger, a styling comb, cleaning brush, and a power adapter.

Wahl Dog Grooming Pro-Series Clippers

This choice is a durable cordless clipper. Also, it’s a long-lasting unit. It’s great for dogs with longer and thicker coats. It can be able to run for 2 hours. Moreover, it’s quick to recharge. Plus, it allows you to groom your dog comfortably thanks to the quiet motor. Also, it helps to clip full body. That means you can use it for both between the paws and sensitive areas. It’s easy to cut thick coats because of its powerful motor. In addition, it comes with other accessories including styling comb, scissors, charger, blade oil, hard storage case, blade guard, and cleaning brush.


How to Take Care of a Alaskan Husky

It is so wonderful when owning an Alaskan Husky because this is one of the rarest sorts from countries to the world. However, apart from their cuties, you should know how to take care of them carefully. This is a great challenge for those who love pooches. Here is how!

An overview of the Alaskan Husky

Like humans, you should have a solid understanding of this sort in advance such as their physical ability, their personality, their concerned health, etc. Look after a husky like you are taking care of your kids.


Some specific information to estimate their lifespans and take care of them

  • Height: from 23 to 26 inches
  • Weight: from 40 to 60 pounds
  • Lifespan: between 12 and 15 years

General physical

In general, Alaskan Husky’s appearance looks like Siberian Huskies. Males will weigh around 50 pounds while females can get about 48 pounds only. This is a more a general sort than a strict breed, they have several colors and patterns.

Mostly, it is said that the Alaskan Husky is bigger and leaner than the Siberian Huskies. Moreover, Alaskan’s eyes are brown while Siberians have blue ones or a combination of brown and blue.

Most Alaskans have great eyesight with strong nostril so that they can find out dangerous signs immediately. Although Alaskans are not good at swimming, they still performance 6 feet from their sitting position.

Their personality

They have various temperaments. They are usually fond of everyone and other dogs, so they are known as friendly dog sorts.

Though Alaskans could be thought that they are a jumper, they do this action when they feel love or comfortable with someone or any dog only. They are also well-trained sorts because they always want to learn new things in their lifetimes.

However, they often wish to change their routine habits and they are so independent. Eventually, you should take over hours to raise the Alaskans. If you are so busy, so choosing an Alaskan will not be a great idea.

Their daily care

It is good news to hear that Alaskans do not need to take care much about their fur. This is a great coat to protect their skin and body in every weather condition.

You just need to take them a shower on a regular basis and you can comb to help them have smooth fur. Of course, they also have shedding process but this is not a common point. Each year, they will get new coat naturally.

Their concerned health

The longevity ranges between 12 and 15 years. They are considered as a healthy breed. However, they still have some diseases which come from their genetics like other dog sorts around the world such as Rentinal Atrophy, Larynx, Hypothyroidism, etc.


How to feed an Alaskan Husky

Like other sorts, you should help them a balanced diet regularly. It is a good idea to combine shop bought food for husky and organic food with a high protein source. When it comes to the dog food selections, you will get several stories behind.

For instance, they do not like raw foods or they have a bad habit to eat commercial dog foods only. Additionally, your pooches are probably allergic with any ingredient in their food. On the other hand, they may get ill that you cannot recognize.

The rule of thumb here is observing them on a regular basis. Then, you should take your own note about theirs like allergies, eating habit, etc. Often go to the vet when you find out any awful signal on their health, including their eyes.

Please keep in mind that you should not feed them with bones. These can damage or make your pooches get some wounds.

If you are owned an outdoor dog, you will need to feed your Alaskan a seasonal diet. In the cold seasons, you can increase fat and protein in their bowl. However, in the hottest conditions, you should cut down both 2 main ingredients on their daily diet. It is difficult to do that but you should practice it!

Make their meal schedule. When you feed them before doing exercises, they do not want to do that. In addition, this will create a dangerous gastric bloat and torsion as well. These probably kill your pooches. After 30 minutes of training, you can begin showing their diet.

Do not forget to take more water to your pooches as many as you can. This is also important when they are training and after that. During the cold months, you should always remind them to drink water. This will support their blood cells smoothly move and preventing dehydration.

How to help your Alaskans do exercise

The number of exercises could depend on how well you are creative. You can throw a dog toy and let them run to catch it.

If you do not have a large yard, you will walk around with them. This is also a great alternation of doing exercise. Or you are able to play with them by having a slight running competition.

If your budget is more available, you will ask for help from a dog whisper. He or she will add more exercises and show you how to do that.

How about the exercising time? The greatest durations are around 30 minutes in the early morning. This is a perfect time when you and pooches can practice the body shapes together with adding more fresh air to your lungs.

How to get a great shower for Alaskans

This part is crucial in the hot season for humans and pooches as well. You can use a water pipe and put it slowly to your dog’s body. Then, you enable to get the dog shower to add to their fur along with slight massage.

After that, remove the shower by fresh water again. Finally, dry them by a soft cloth. Avoid putting the water pipe directly to their body as this may get them hurt and scare about bathing. They do not want to do that in the upcoming time!

Closing thoughts

The fact is that caring an Alaskan is not a daunting task. As a pet owner, you should pay attention to some important points and do it with your heart only! Imagine you are looking after a little kid.

Top 10 Hearing Protection For Hunting You Should Buy

Top 10 Hearing Protection You Should Buy

If you want something for your shooting, you can’t ignore one for protecting your hearing. Indeed, to become a good hunter, you need a sharp sense of hearing. In fact, most firearms come with a noise level between 140 and 170 decibels. You may get ringing and headaches caused by sounds of above 140 decibels.

But, if you are exposed to even low decibels for a long period of time, your eardrums may be damaged. That’s why it’s important to get an ear protection for your hearing.

Let’s check out this post for top 10 hearing protection on the market today.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro (R-01902)

This is one of the best electronic hearing protection for hunting. This is a great choice because of its automatic on and off feature. It allows you to protect your hearing when shooting. Moreover, it comes with the ear muffs. It can be able to reduce the noise to a safe level. It ensures to keep your ears safe. In addition, it helps to determine the direction of the sound for a better experience. Furthermore, it offers an AUX output. Thanks to it, you can talk on the phone or listen to music. It also comes with rubber pressure points. And, you won’t feel uncomfortable when using it. Especially, it can be able to operate for more than 4 hours. But, this unit is a bit bulky.

Protear Electronic Hunting —NRR 23dB

With this product, you won’t feel isolated when protecting your ears. It can help you communicate with others safely. It ensures to prevent you from the loud noise of firearms. With this device, you won’t worry about losing your hearing. It comes with 4 wind-resistant microphones on both sides. Also, you can determine its direction thanks to the iron gauze cover. In addition, it has separate controls for the volume and frequency. It allows you to adjust to focus on low or high-frequency sounds. If you use this device for a long time, you can avoid any pain or a headache. Plus, it comes with comfortable double-foam ear cushioning to fit your head size. But, when wearing this unit, your hair may usually get trapped in it.

Pro For Sho 34dB Shooting Ear Protection

If you are looking for an affordable product, this is made for you. In spite of their price, they are very efficient. They promise to give you a great protection when shooting. Moreover, you can also easily carry them. Especially, it allows you to fold when you don’t use it. They can help to protect your ears while you still can talk with other people around you. It can be able to reduce the noise level to a safe range of 34 decibels. These devices are durable because of their high-quality materials. They are great choices for preventing hearing loss. They are available in 2 different sizes for both adults and children. But, they are not good choices for those who have large heads. And, these devices normally become hot after long hours of use.

Noise Cancelling Safety Ear Muffs Ear Protection Defenders Earmuffs

This is also one of the best tactical ear protection. This is a great combination of noise-dampening soft ear cushions and the perfect seals. Thanks to this unit, the noise will be reduced to 25 decibels. So, your ears will be protected when shooting or hunting. Sure, you will feel comfortable when wearing them. Also, it comes with the PU leather as well as the comfortable sponge. You won’t feel any discomfort, even after wearing it for a long time. Plus, it allows you to adjust for the perfect fit. Because it’s lightweight, you can easily pack them wherever you want. You can also choose it for your children. It’s available in a headband design for more comfort. But, if you are looking for one for bigger headers, this is not a good choice.

Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muff

The Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muff is considered as one of the best ear protection for the shooting range. You can easily and comfortably wear them without weighing your head down. They come with a very low reaction time, so they can help to reduce the noise level. Then, your ears will be protected. Many customers choose this product because of it’s an AUX port to connect your MP3 player. Plus, it’s easy to store them. But, you will feel it hard to identify the direction of the sound when wearing it.

Mpow Noise Reduction Safety Earmuffs

This is also a great choice for your budget. These devices are very lightweight. So, you will feel comfortable when wearing. They have a carry bag. Moreover, it’s easy to fold for storage. This is a good solution for your ears when it comes to loud noises. They are available in many sizes, so it’s easy to find a suitable one for your head. They come with no batteries.

ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Safety Ear Muffs

If you have to be exposed to loud noises, they can damage your ears over time. Indeed, you may have to suffer from a headache and pain, even for low noises. They have the dual technology to protect your eardrums. They allow you to adjust the headband for the most comfort. Plus, they come with a 31 NRR that helps to protect your hearing when shooting. But, these devices are bulky.

Professional Safety Ear Muffs by Decibel Defense

These products are reliable protections when you are shooting or hunting. It can help to protect your ears. And, you can still hear environmental sounds. They are good choices when you have to work with heavy machinery, shooting, watching firework, as well as attending very loud concerts. They allow you to wear comfortably without any pain or discomfort. Because they have a lightweight design, you can store them easily.

X-Aegis Earmuffs Noise Cancelling Hearing Protection

This choice comes with soft noise dampening foam for the noise level reduction. Also, it has a 20 NRR to protect your eyes at the same time. They promise to give you a comfortable feeling when wearing. You can also easily fold them whenever you want. It’s easy to clean them just with water and soap.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sports Shooting Earmuff

If you need one to reduce the noise on the shooting of a dangerous level of 82 decibels, consider purchasing this device. It can be able to work automatically to protect your eardrums. It can be able to work for about 350 hours. Plus, you can easily adjust the headband. Also, they are lightweight for a storage. But, you shouldn’t use it indoors.