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How to deal with dog anxiety after moving house

Moving house is almost always stressful for not only you but also your dog. It even doesn’t except the calmest dog in the world. If you intend to move with your dog, we will help you know how to help him adjust to a new home. Follow these tips in order to minimize the stress of your dog. At the same time, they help to make your house moving with a dog become safer and easier.

Avoid surprises by Make a Plan ahead

Check the local laws

Determine whether you need a new license. In fact, your new landlord can be good with a Rottweiler. But, some local governments, insurance companies, and neighborhood associations may not allow certain breeds.

Look for a new vet

You should find a vet even if your dog doesn’t get injured or sick. Your vet will help you to do some research on any new vaccinations and preventative medications. Also, it’s important to determine if your new area have heartworm, ticks, or leptospirosis.

Get your dog microchipped

In addition, you need to also put be certain your cell phone number on your dog’s collar.

Prepare your dog for the trip

Crate train your dog

It’s essential to do this now if you want to move your dog. The fact is that most dogs love crates. But, it’s terrible if you force him into one for the first time on moving day.

Use the Car-GO

It’s a great idea to use the Car-Go. In addition, you can also use other soft-sided pop-up crates instead. We recommend you to use the Car-GO. It allows you to easily set up as well as store.

Packing up

It’s not difficult to see your dog getting nervous when he sees you pulled out a suitcase for a trip. You can’t know how he will act when his house is packed up. It’s best to have a few boxes as well as suitcases out ahead of time. By this way, you can prevent your dog from associating those objects with you leaving.

Start training now

Your dog may need different living rules in your new home. For examples, you are going to move from a single family home to an apartment. So, it’s essential to determine behavior goals ahead of time. Then, work toward these goals before you move. If you want to prevent your dog from barking, train him now. In addition, making a bathroom schedule is also important.

Prepare your dog for what’s ahead

Before moving, we recommend you to make your dog get used to the new world. To do this, you should take him to similar environments. For example, you can take him to walk in the new neighborhood. At the same time, introduce him to the neighbors as well.

Consult your vet

It’s important to consult your vet about calming medication for the trip. Remember to try these medications ahead of time.

Consider anti-anxiety gear

This is especially important for the big day like the ThunderShirt.

What to do with your pet on moving day

Give him a break at a pet sitter’s home

It’s considered as a great idea when you board him for a few days with you during the hustle and bustle of the move. To look for one, Rover can help.

Pack for your dog

Aside from the basics of food and water, you should also use a few favorite toys, bedding, as well as extra towels.

Don’t clean your dog

Although you may like a fresh start, you should still keep your dog smell of the old house. This will help your dog reduce your dog’s anxiety a lot.

Ready for the worst

Prepare medical records, a current photo, and microchip numbersin case the unthinkable happens. And, your dog may be separated.

Keep your dog in the car for safety

Your dog needs to have ventilation. Also, make sure he is secure.

Don’t feed him too much

It’s best to feed him slightly, especially when he has sensitive stomachs.

Get the ya-ya’s out

Check your route for short hikes, off-leash areas, and dog-friendly parks along the way. Take a break. Start with dog-friendly restaurants.

How to handle dog anxiety after moving house

When arriving at a new house, you should keep your dog in one room. Remember to keep all of his items as well as his unwashed bed. If there is a garden, let him play here. But, it’s important to check for any holes and routes.

As noticed above, introduce him to the postman, your neighbors, and every person he will see often. You should purchase a GPS tracking collar until he is familiar with the new place. Don’t change his old routines for feeding and walking.

When moving your dog to the new house, be patient with him. Even if he makes some accidents or some mess in your house, don’t punish him. Instead, give your dog rewards when he does good behaviors. In fact, your dog won’t make any accidents when he is familiar with the new house.

Last, remember to remove all furniture another dog has used. The fact is that your dog may be anxious and restless by this smell.


If you are going to move to the new house, don’t expect perfection. Generally, your dog can be able to easily adapt to new situations. But, you also have to do a lot to take in such as reinforce positive behavior, stay calm, and spend more time interacting with him.


How To Choose The Right Dog Grooming Clippers

We can’t deny that every pet owner loves their furry friend. However, they may have to pay much money for regular trips to the groomer. Don’t worry! Today, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to dog grooming clippers.

The thing you need to do is just looking for the right set of tools. Of course, they will help you not only brush but also clip your pup’s fur right from the comfort of your home.It’s easy to purchase one. But, not all owners know how to choose good quality clippers. That’s why we’re here to give you a depth buying guide with top five best clippers on the market today. Let’s check out to discover them!

Right Dog Grooming Clippers

Why Do You Need Clippers?

Sure, you need a clipper for your dog. In fact, he has a long, curly, and silky coat. That’s why clippers are beneficial. By clipping, you can help him to reduce shedding as well as to keep the coat looking good. Furthermore, it’s also ideal for dogs with smooth, double, and combination coats.

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Clippers

It’s a mistake when you choose to trim your dog’s coat by human hair clippers. The fact is that it’s a difference between your dog’s fur and human hair. You can choose the right one for your fur friend depending on the breed. There are some points you need to look at when choosing dog clippers.

Comb Guides

It’s best to choose one coming with comb guides. Thanks to them, you can easily trim your pup’s hair to the specific length. Especially, it’s essential for those who are afraid of cutting too much hair. In fact, not all clippers coming with comb guides. Then, you need to buy them separately.

Blade Material

You should choose one with a blade made out of carbon steel. This material is actually durable and corrosion-resistant. So, it’s considered as a good choice for dog grooming clippers. In addition, you can also choose stainless steel for your tight budget.

Blade Sharpening

We recommend you to look for one with self-sharpening blades. You won’t worry about clipping with dull blades. This is a good model for you. If your dog owns a thick or long coat, it’s essential to look for a blade with a very sharp edge.

Corded or Cordless Operation

Depend on your preference, you can choose a corded or cordless clipper. In fact, if you are looking for a more powerful model, choose corded models. But, your dog may be near an outlet when using this unit. With a cordless clipper, you can cut anywhere and anytime. But, the mater you may have to face is running out of battery power.Choosing the better fit for you is up to you.

Safety Features

Make sure you choose a clipper with safety features. They help to cut your dog’s fur without cutting his skin.

Noise and Speed

This is not the most important factor. But, you should still look at the clipper’s noise level as well as speed options.The fact is that your dog may be frightened because of a noisy clipper. So, it’s best to buy a quiet motor. Normally, a good clipper comes with two-speed options for dogs with thick coats.

Top 5 Best Dog Grooming Clippers

Wahl Pet-Pro Grooming Clipper Kit

This product comes with all essential things for clipping your pup’s coat.They have carbon steel blades. That’s why these blades stay sharper for longer.Especially, they offer 30% more power, especially for dogs with thick coats. The motor ensures to cut through thick coats while it doesn’t hurt your dog. Plus, it comes with the grip design. So, you can easily cut at different angles. In addition, the product comes with color guide combs, scissors,an instructional DVD,oil for the blade,cleaning brush, styling comb, blade guard, as well as a hard storage case.

Oster A5 Turbo

The product is a corded clipper. It’s suitable for most animals such as livestock, horses, dogs and cats. It offers two speeds. So, it’s ideal for coats of all thickness levels and lengths.Also, it has the brand’s detachable blade system. So, you can easily change blades if necessary. In addition to the clippers, the unit also includes blade oil, replacement carbon brushes, clipper grease, and a #10 blade.

Andis 2-Speed Clipper

If you are looking for a powerful motor, Andis 2-Speed Clipper is for you. It can be able to work quickly even for the thickest of coats. It comes with two cutting speeds for both general grooming and thick coats cutting. Especially, it ensures to keep noise to a minimum. The blades allow you to detach. So, it’s easy to clean and change. The model comes with a #10 blade. So, you can choose it for most grooming needs.

Sminiker Rechargeable Cordless Dog Clippers

The clipper helps to clip your dog’s fur comfortably. It comes with every essential thing to groom your dog from the comfort of home. It allows you to use 5-6 hours before you have to charge it. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to charge it. The product offers a titanium blade for the maximum durability. Also, it can protect your dog from coming in contact with the blades. Especially, it has a low-vibration motor, so it won’t frighten your fur friend. Plus, it has four comb guides, charger, a styling comb, cleaning brush, and a power adapter.

Wahl Dog Grooming Pro-Series Clippers

This choice is a durable cordless clipper. Also, it’s a long-lasting unit. It’s great for dogs with longer and thicker coats. It can be able to run for 2 hours. Moreover, it’s quick to recharge. Plus, it allows you to groom your dog comfortably thanks to the quiet motor. Also, it helps to clip full body. That means you can use it for both between the paws and sensitive areas. It’s easy to cut thick coats because of its powerful motor. In addition, it comes with other accessories including styling comb, scissors, charger, blade oil, hard storage case, blade guard, and cleaning brush.


Alaska Angler Fishing Charters: Perfect for Angling Enthusiasts

A lot of people are getting more and more fascinated with spending some time outdoors during their spare time. There are many forms of outdoor experiences that are very much enjoyable but perhaps one of the most thrilling and fulfilling ones is fishing that is spent with your friends as well as your love ones.

Alaska, perhaps, is one of the most abundant countries in the world, as far as salmon and other fish species is concerned. That is why, there is a certain team that basically deals with Alaska fishing and angling. The Alaska Angler Fishing Charters, that is located in Homer, Alaska, generally provides the very best of halibut fishing all across the globe, on practically anytime of the year, especially if king salmon fishing is involved. Aside from that, this Alaska angler team also provides other fishing activities, depending on what fish species are in season. This team specializes basically for Ling Cod, Salmon, and Halibut fishing. There are a lot of trips that are offered in groups of six up to fourteen people.

The Alaska Angler team is very much concerned with their clients, with its number one concern, the safety of their customers. The boat they are using, called the Sea Hawk is considered a complete walk around Delta. The Sea Hawk, also inspected by the Coast Guard, has fully exceeded it mandatory safety requirement because it generally complied the Coast Guards highest levels the Five Star Program. Furthermore, this Alaska Angler team provides services with professional guides, to complete the top of the line and state of the art fishing equipments used. The Sea Hawk is also composed of a twin Cummin diesel, thus making it at it top speed without compromising the safety of the passengers. During the course of the fishing, the Alaska angler team normally starts from the Cook Inlet Halibut. The clients are given the options to decide to spend a day at the Inlet while searching for its own catch, or spend some parts of the day by doing some Salmon fishing. For fishing experiences, the Alaska angler team has at least thirty-two fish species of Ling Cod and Rockfish. The team makes it a point that they meet the demands of their clients, so they could meet their expectations. Aside from that, the Alaska angler team also provides cleaning and gearing the catch of their clients, perfect enough for them to take home.

If you wish to spend the great outdoors in Alaska, get in touch with the Alaska Angler Fishing Charters. They have the best equipments, the friendliest team, and the perfect location for you to fully satisfy your passion for fishing. You can go over the Internet and learn more about what the team has to offer. There are a number of tour packages that you can choose from. By then, you can really look forward to for a great and fulfilling weekend outdoor experience with your friends and family.